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A text-heavy tavern simulator with management elements.

My very first game! Also my greater commercial success so far. Just like the other games I made professionally, it was made at From the Bard.

This is its Steam page!

What I did

Well the original idea was mine! I also wrote about half of the game's text and set the tone and setting.


A poultry-themed hip hop deckbuilding one-turn dance battle game.

Made for the GMTK game jam 2019. The theme was "Only one", and Team Poultry decided to read that as "Only one turn". Beyond that, it's a pretty clear-cut deckbuilding game.

You can play it right here!

What I did

Pixel art, animation, and asset integration.

Last Heart

An oriental MOBA/gacha on mobile.

A game I worked on for Etheral Games. I spent about three months helping out with the overall world-building (namely, naming weapons and armors) and composing music.

You can listen to its music right here!

What I did

Some worldbuilding, and the game's OST.


A mimic dungeon crawler set on a pirate island.

This game was made for the Ludum Dare 44. The theme was "Your life is currency", which me and my team took quite literally: your HP and your gold are one and the same, so every item you purchase is a life-or-death gamble!

You can find it right here, and its OST here!

What I did

I composed the game's OST and did most of the design work.

Star Waker

A greek-influenced space shooter with extra RPG flavor.

This game was made during my time at From the Bard. It's about a woman looking for a cure to a virus that forced all of humanity into cryo-sleep.

It's available on Steam right here!

What I did

I designed half of the bosses as well as two of the skill trees, and wrote bonus dialogues and planet descriptions.


A school's website made with Wordpress.

One of my few non-game realizations, I worked on the front-end of a website during my time at From the Bard. It was made with Wordpress and a thousand CSS workarounds because of certain constraints.

Click here to see what I can do when it comes to web!

What I did

Most of the front-end, with a very generous dose of CSS to get Wordpress to work as intended.

GPS Runner

A sports-themed runner made for a city.

One of our clients at From the Bard wanted a sports-themed game to advertise their goals for 2019, and thus GPS Runner was born! It's a very simple, casual title.

You can play it right here!

What I did

All of the design, up to and including the testing processes. I also composed the game's OST and produced its SFX.


An OST composed for no game in particular.

In addition to games, I'm really passionate about music, and sometimes I compose music for no game in particular.

You can listen to it here!

What I did

Obviously, the music.


I mean, it IS a thing I did.

I didn't handcraft all of it, obviously, but hey, if you want to know what I can do when it comes to lighter, elegant websites... You're looking at it right now!

What I did

I did use a theme as a baseline, but I retooled the CCS and prettyPhoto.

Find more about prettyPhoto here, and the theme I used here!


So who are you?

Hi! I'm Aurélien, game designer, writer, composer, narrative designer, C# programmer, SFX maker, web developer...

But mostly game designer. I'm available for hire RIGHT NOW!

I'm familiar with Twine, yEd, Office/Google docs, Unity, Godot, Bootstrap, Wordpress, jQuery, FL Studio, BFXR and a few other tools I didn't learn quite as thoroughly.

I'm 24, I live in Évry-Courcouronnes (just south-east of Paris), and if you're reading this, I'm probably HYPE for working with you!



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